Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Expert representation for injured workers

At the law firm of Brill and Fishel, our focus is on representing injured and ill workers. We have more than 65 years of combined experience at obtaining the best results for workers. When you have been injured on the job, or you suffer from an occupational illness, consulting with a skilled attorney is vitally important to receiving all the benefits you deserve. We bring skill, experience, and commitment to your case, and you can be assured of receiving the superior representation you are entitled to. Read more about our firm.

Over decades of practice, we have handled a wide variety of injuries caused by industrial accidents or exposures. A small sampling includes:

  • repetitive trauma
  • occupational diseases
  • inhalation injuries
  • sprains and strains
  • back and shoulder injuries
  • carpal tunnel
  • lung diseases
  • burn cases
  • vision loss
  • hearing loss
  • hernias

In addition, we can assist you in many other areas related to your employment, including

  • personal injury
  • social security disability
  • medical malpractice
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • construction accidents
  • third party liability

We are small enough to give individualized attention to your case, but we have the extensive experience to assure that you receive the highest quality representation. Read more about our attorneys.

Contact us for a free consultation to evaluate your claim. We are serious about our duty to our clients, but we are approachable. An effective attorney-client relationship can only take place in an atmosphere that fosters frank and open communication, and we place a high priority on maintaining such a relationship with our clients.

A measure of the confidence placed in our firm is the large number of referrals we receive from other attorneys. We work diligently at achieving the high expectations of our clients and fellow attorneys.

No fees unless we recover

In an Illinois workers’ compensation case, there are no attorneys fees unless compensation is paid by the employer or insurer. For a free consultation, call 1 312 236-6693 or use our online contact form. An interpreter is available on request for Spanish-speaking clients.